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McHale Performance is now providing testing services through a strategic acquisition to create the McHale Performance Emissions Measurement Services (EMS) division. This acquisition broadens the McHale scope of expertise and enables us to provide emission test programs designed to meet each client's particular needs. The acquisition includes the significant qualifications and experience of its professional, emissions measurement team, with over 25 years of experience in the source testing industry, including both domestic and international projects. The McHale team consists of engineers and technicians, dedicated to providing our clients with accurate and precise test results.

McHale EMS is equipped with the latest emission measurement equipment, ensuring the best technology to provide precise, reliable, test results. McHale is noted for its ability to meet the client's needs, whether it is a 24-hour continuous testing or a short-notice mobilization. We can mobilize for most applications within 24 hrs. We are extremely efficient at testing multiple sources simultaneously, while effectively communicating with facility personnel to provide real time emissions data, correlating with process and control variations.

McHale EMS has the experience and expertise to provide accurate, reliable and timely stack testing solutions for a variety of emission sources. McHale is well versed in EPA standard testing methodologies, as well as many NIOSH, OSHA, NCASI and state specific methods. Our background allows us to provide each client with an in depth understanding of the facility process and how to adapt our testing approach to meet the client's needs.

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